A Great Awakening

The modern church in it’s current format is asleep. We have allowed ourselves to get comfortable and close our eyes to the world and the events around us. We are sleep walking through the world barely making a dent in its current situation.
Although I am not the big fan of Disney princess movies (shocking I know!) I am immediately drawn to an image of a bride to be waiting to be given the kiss of life from the prince. The Prince of Peace is here and His name is Jesus. He has come to kiss life back into his church and I believe we are in the midst of a great awakening that will rock the foundations of the modern church in it’s current format.
We have done church a particular way for years and I am sorry to say it is failing. We are not changing the culture around us. Churches have been setting up stalls on a Sunday morning and asking the world to come and see what we do, how we act in the hopes that they would want to be a part of our little community. The Sunday market format does not work.
I distinctly remember Jesus reaction to setting up stalls in Abba’s house. He tipped them over. It is time for us to tip over our modern church model.
The culture of the world is that church is all about the Sunday morning. If that is what the world see’s and rejects, then we need to bring them something different. Our churches need to be counter-cultural. It is time for a great awakening of the church, a time where Sunday morning is not about evangelism, but life is about evangelism.
I believe Sunday mornings are for the body to meet and strengthen each other in order to go out into the world everyday and bring the power of Jesus into the everyday life and tasks. Sunday is our Sabbath, our day of rest as a family.
God is calling us to stop living like he is just something to be looked forward to on the weekend. He is looking for a people who will live everyday for him, who will be carriers and standard bearers of His kingdom, His power and His love into a fallen world.
People expect us as a church to be all about Sunday and to try our best to get them to come to our Sunday morning; it is time for us to surprise them. Wake up and bring what we experience when we meet as a family and praise our Father to them, to meet them where they are. When we meet them at their place then we can help them, then we can introduce them to Abba and bring them into our family.

Gary Smith