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Toy Tales provides an opportunity for families who are struggling financially to choose brand new Christmas toys for their children for free, with dignity and respect. We recognise the temptation for parents to build up debt over the Christmas period in order to give their kids the best Christmas possible. Unfortunately this borrowing is typically at sub-prime or inflated rates and can sometimes create a spiral of debt which is difficult to recover from. 

We exist to help parents in that situation choose current and brand-new toys (ordered from our partner supplier) for their own kids in a dignified way without embarrassment. This programme serves those families in our community who are currently in a less than ideal financial position and helps to prevent an increase in debt while still providing for their children in the Christmas period.

The Toy Tales project is funded by Fuel Events and personal sponsorship – the resource is provided by Fuel Events and Journey Community Church. If you would like to donate to this project please do so below.


"We help parents in difficult financial situations provide Christmas toys for their kids with dignity."


Toy Tales is all inclusive for all sectors of the community regardless of race or creed – the only factor required to benefit is that there are negative financial circumstances and these are referrals from churches and social agencies.